ICOM 7300 sdcard on the front

i wonder what the sdcard on the front is for.

Assuming it works like the ID-31/51/5100 and IC-7100 the SD will be able to record QSOs and store configurations (so you can have different setting and memories for different modes or operators or to clone radios). You can also use the SD card to save voice memories.

By default those radios will record any QSO once you've transmitted (the PTT is the start trigger) but if you are just listening or want to record something in a non-amateur band you can also manually start and stop a recording from the menu.

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  1. Anonymous8/28/2015

    It'd be spectacular if they set it up rolling recorder style, like dash cameras. Press button to save last X minutes of audio to SD.
    I've actually considered running a dash cam 24/7 in the shack pointed at the radios for that reason. It'd give me one last chance to save those one in a million qsos