[ICOM7300] video IC 7300

Large Touch Screen Color TFT LCD

The IC-7300 has a large color TFT LCD and it can be used as a touch screen. This user-friendly interface provides intuitive operation. Using the software keypad of the touch screen, you can easily set various functions and edit memory contents.

Multi-dial Knob for Smooth Operation

When you push the multi-dial knob, menu items are shown on the right side of the display. You can select an item with a touch of the screen and adjust levels by turning the multi-dial knob. This combination of the multi-dial knob and touch screen offers quick and smooth operation.

Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner

The high-speed automatic antenna tuner is built into a compact chassis (240 (W) x 238 (D) x 95 (h) mm; 9.45 x 9.37 x 3.74 in). You can easily carry the radio and enjoy field operation.

Easy-to-Hear Sound Quality

To offer optimum sound quality, a new speaker unit is employed and is allocated sufficient space in the aluminum die-cast chassis.

Other Features

    • Voice memory function
    • Memory keyer functions for CW and RTTY
    • RTTY decode log function
    • Screen capture
    • SD card slot
    • USB for CI-V and audio input/output
    • Large cooling fan system
    • Multi-function meter
    • 101 memory channels (99 regular and 2 scan edge channels)
    • Multiple CW functions
    • Digital noise reduction
    • 100W output power on HF/50MHz bands and 50W on 70MHz band* (*Europe versions only)
    • SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM modes

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  1. Anonymous8/28/2015

    The IC-7300 does not support D-Star.