Still in Japan Review IC-7300

The radio is about half the size of the IC-7600. The touch panel is very responsive and menus are easy to access. Back panel has the common Icom connectors, however no IF or video out. Waterfall is on the display panel only. Audio is clear, as much as you can judge with a noisy Ham Fair environment. Solid feel along the previous lines. I give it a big thumbs up for being Icom's first SDR and the ability to be programmed via USB. Around $1200 or so I assume. Will be a big winner. Have a few original flyers if anyone is interested :-)

Stefan, VE4NSA


  1. Anonymous8/28/2015

    This thing looks good. nice ft-991 form factor competition. not spending money on HF due to solar cycle shitting out, but glad to see they're still innovating and putting it in a nice box

  2. Anonymous8/28/2015

    Even in solar mins, 20-40-80 still work fine, but 20 will shutdown at night. 160,80,40, and even 30 to an extent are mostly unaffected. 40 will actually get quieter and with less static and might actually be nicer to use.

  3. Anonymous2/09/2016

    There is no IF ... the IF is in the digital domain, to bring any kind of IF out seems like a 'step backward'.