The IC-7300 is the first direct-sampling SDR transceiver

The IC-7300 is the first direct-sampling SDR transceiver from a Japanese amateur radio manufacturer.

IC-7300 front view. Click for larger image. Courtesy Icom Inc. IC-7300 front panel. Click for larger image.

IC-7300 rear panel. Courtesy Icom Inc. IC-7300 rear panel.

We are pleased to announce the new IC-7300, which was unveiled at Tokyo HamFair 2015 (August 22-23, 2015).

Here are some salient features:

  • HF/6m, 100W output on all bands
  • EU version: HF/6m/4m (50W on 4m)
  • Modes: SSB (J3E), CW (A1A), RTTY (F1B), AM (A3E), FM (F3E)
  • Direct-sampling SDR (software-defined radio) receiver architecture
  • Receiver signal path: RF BPF - ADC - FPGA - DSP - DAC - AF stage
  • Digital up-conversion (DUC) transmitter architecture*
  • Transmitter signal path: Baseband amplifier - ADC - DSP - FPGA - DAC - IPA - HPA*
  • ADC sampling rate: 124 megasamples/sec
  • Improved phase noise performance due to low-noise ADC clock source
  • Fully-digital FFT spectrum scope and digitally-generated screen image; FPGA drives image processor via digital bus
  • Real-time, high-resolution spectrum scope includes waterfall
  • Large colour TFT touch-screen display; screen selection via menu
  • Frequency change by touching scope screen
  • Multi-dial knob opens on-screen menus; menu items selected by touching screen
  • Familiar Icom NR, NB, Twin PBT, DSP filtering and notch controls
  • Built-in relay-type high-speed autotuner
  • Rear-panel socket for AH-4 external autotuner
  • Acoustically-baffled speaker for excellent receive sound
  • Front-panel SD card slot
  • Rear-panel USB port for CI-V and audio/baseband input/output


  1. Anonymous8/28/2015

    Given the full TFT screen, SD card, dual PBT, and the broad band scope, I very much doubt it.
    It's the new FT-991\TS-590SG competitor, I suspect. $1500-$2000 range would be my guess.

  2. Anonymous8/28/2015

    So? The Icom 7200 has its receive demod functionality in firmware... This isn't much of a new concept.

  3. Anonymous8/28/2015

    All that matters is the price. Will it be similar to the 7200? I doubt it. Looks like a more expensive rig. $1750???
    And why no 2m/70cm?

    1. Anonymous8/30/2015

      2m and 70cm are not in the IC-7300's product plan.

    2. Can anyone tell me the bits/sample of the ic-7300's adc? Thanks, Al,

  4. Anonymous8/28/2015

    The IC-7300 does not support D-Star.

  5. Anonymous8/28/2015

    I don't see why Icom would want to even think about D-Star on a radio that doesn't cover 2 meters and 70 cm. So far as I know, D-Star is exclusively above 144 MHz.

  6. Anonymous8/30/2015

    The entire receiver except for the RF preselector is in firmware. It is a direct-sampling SDR in which the ADC samples the RF signal from the antenna.

  7. Anonymous8/30/2015

    Looking forward for this gorgeous radio.

  8. Anonymous9/13/2015

    Didn't see an IF output. Wondering if it has the capability for (pan adapter) external monitor viewing???