ICOM 7300 and set up for FT8 - USB-D Issue

Simple Setup ICOM 7300 and set up for FT8 - USB-D Issue

The first thing to do is to download this,


The 1.30 version of the USB driver is for Win 10, the 1.20 is for Win 7/8.
Install this then plug in the USB cable to have Windoze final the driver install.
This download and install is for the com port only, the USB Audio CODEC might already be
in your PC or during the install Windoze downloads this from the Microsoft driver server.
Make these settings then report back,
Radio Tab,
Rig,  Icom IC-7300,  Poll Interval  1s
Serial port,  What you have.
Baud Rate,  19200
Data Bits, Eight
Stop Bits,  One
Handshake,  None
Force Control Lines,  None selected
PTT Method,  CAT
Mode, Data/Pkt  <<<Important>>>
Split operation,  None

On the Audio Tab select for the input and output USB Audio CODEC

You must be in USB-D mode

Here are the main settings in the Connectors menu.
ACC/USB Output Select,   AF
ACC/USB AF Level,   30%
ACC MOD Level,   50%
USB MOD Level,   20%
In the CIV Sub Menu---
CIV Baud Rate,   19200
CIV Address,   94 (default for 7300)
CIV Transceive,   OFF
CI-V USB Echo Back,   ON

TX audio adjustment.
First go to Set>Connectors>USB Mod Level, set this to 20%.
Set the TX power out to 100%.
Run the WSJT-X program.
On the right side move the Pwr slider to MAX.
Position the JT windows for the next step, Right mouse click on the
speaker icon in the system tray and select Playback Devices.
Move this window so that it does not overlap the JT window.
Double click on USB Audio CODEC for it's properties.
Move this window for no overlap with JT window.
Click on the Enhancements Tab, turn off all enhancements.
Click on Levels Tab, set the slider at 50%.
In the JT program move the TX/RX cursor to 1500 Hz.
On the 7300, touch and hold the meter to have all the meters in view.
While transmitting into a dummy load, click the TUNE button in the
JT program, move the slider on the Levels Tab so that you have
100 watts, if not possible then unkey via the TUNE button.
Go back to the USB MOD level and increase this level to 30%
Again touch and hold the 7300 meter to display all meters.
Click the TUNE button again to check for 100 watts.
Readjust the Levels slider for 100 watts, the next step is important.
While still transmitting, observe the ALC meter, Lower the Levels Slider
until the last ALC bar goes out (Zero ALC reading)
On the JT program lower the Pwr slider to your desired power out.
To easily adjust this slider, left click on the slider button then use the mouse wheel
to raise or lower the slider to the desired power out.  The slider on the Levels tab
can be done the same way.
At this point you have calibrated the ALC/Power out for a good
clean signal, you adjust the power out by the audio drive not by adjusting
the power out setting on the 7300.
The Levels slider for the 7300 CODEC (TX Audio) should not be touched
unless you see ALC action, this is the final point of TX audio calibration.
The TX audio adjustments are the Pwr slider in WSJT-X, the slider
on the Speakers (output) Tab and the USB MOD level in the 7300.
The TUNE button in WSJT-X is used for the TX power/audio adjustment.
Again the final point of adjustment is the slider on the Levels Tab
for the Speakers CODEC (TX Audio) and the final tweak is to lower the slider for no ALC reading.
I can achieve about 90 watts with Zero ALC on my 7300.
I never use the Mic jack for digital modes, I only use the ACC or USB connection.
The audio path goes through extra unneeded circuits via the Mic jack.

Increase this to 100-2900
Keep the TX signal between 400 and 2600 to avoid the filter skirts,
lower or higher than this results in lower output power as the filter
is doing its job.

Remember there are 3 points to adjust the TX audio.
1)  The Pwr slider in WSJT-X
2)  The Speakers Slider for the CODEC
3)  The USB or ACC MOD Level in the 7300.
Each one will interact with each other.

On the receive audio side, When you are in the CODEC settings for the 7300
click on the Recording tab then double click the CODEC for the 7300.
Click on the Advanced tab, in the dropdown select 2 channel 16 bit 48000 Hz click Apply.
Now click the Levels tab, move the slider to the left to have a reading as close to
0 db as possible, leave it set there.
Watch the RX audio bargraph (WSJT-X) and in the 7300 adjust the ACC/USB AF Level
until you have a reading of about 30 db, make this adjustment on a band
with no activity, you might need to lower this setting, mine is at 4%.
You might need to revisit the WSJT-X Audio tab to make sure that the dropdowns
are still indicating the 7300's CODEC.

When all is done save all settings to the SD card.



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